SA Linkbuilder AB

SA LinkBuilder was founded to provide services for companies in Northern Europe that are today either active or planning to establish in China and Asia Pacific region, places that are getting increasingly important.

It frequently happens that companies have limited competence to work in or with China and Asia Pacific despite many have been present there for a long time. Employees with long experience leave and are replaced by people with none or limited that are supposed to run the business but lack important skills, such as knowledge about business culture and language – important tools to reach maximum success.

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Other examples are are small and medium sized companies that want to become internationalized. In these companies it is normally the General Manager or the Board of Directors that are leading this effort. The person in charge is often lacking time and in many cases also experience of running business overseas. This often leads to projects fail and the interest to export of work globally disappears.

Additionally, in many company boards the number of people that are used to work internationally and in particular in China and Asia, is limited. The difference between living and working there and exporting or visit on business trips is after all significant.

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